District Labor Councils

What’s a DLC?

Each District Labor Council (DLC) is a local chapter of Local 1000. Think of a DLC as direct leaders for your work site. Larger work sites may have many DLC leaders, while smaller work sites may share DLC leaders with other locations.

DLC 771 serves the following Areas:


Avenal State Prison


California Department of Food and Agriculture


California Conservation Corps


California Highway Patrol

Department of Conservation

Department of Mental Health

Department of Motor Vehicles

Department of Water Resources

Pleasant Valley State Prison


DAPO Region I Parole Offices

Employment Development Department


Corcoran State Prison

Regional Accounting Office

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison


California Department of Food and Agriculture

Department of Motor Vehicles

President: Gary Pannett

Vice President/Chief Steward: Janea Williams

Secretary/Treasurer: David Alviso


Senior Stewards:

Unit 1: Vacant

Unit 3: Terence Hibbard

Unit 4:  Maria Mendoza Estrada

Unit 11: Janea Williams

Unit 15: Thomas Cauble

Unit 17: Alan Stephenson

Unit 20: Mike Flores

Local A: (SATF) Vacant

Local B: (PVSP) Ricardo Gonzales

Local C: (CSP-COR)  Michael Caviness,

Local D: (ASP)  Hugh Allen

Local E: (Coalinga State Hospital) Kenny King

………..Sec/Treas:    John Ketcam

Local F: (Outlying Districts) Vacant

If you need help figuring out which which District Labor Council you belong to, call the Local 1000 Resource Center at 866.471.SEIU (7348).

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