LAO Says Realignment not Enough

Dear Colleagues,

In this report the Legislative Analyst Office says that realignment of low level offenders and parole violators to the counties will not be enough to meet the Supreme Court order on crowding reduction.  It recommends comparing the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs in California and in the out-of-state facilities.  The LAO recommends that the legislature reauthorize the use of contract beds (inside and outside California).  It also recommends asking the court for an extension of the deadline for compliance.
Download the LAO report here.
This report is a confirmation of the failure of AB900 which was supposed to

  • improve rehabilitation programs in California by instituting evidence based practices
  • reduce crowding by building new prison beds with associated programming space
  • eliminate the need for contract beds by July 1, 2011
  • construct and operate regional reentry facilities to enhance reintegration of parolees

How much of this has been accomplished since Spring of 2007 when AB 900 was signed with great fanfare?

John Kern

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